Mission & Vision

We are a real estate investment company founded in 2012 building a large portfolio of high quality cash flow properties within the northern Shenandoah Valley. The proprietary systems we use are fueling strong growth and we anticipate creating new company branches in the region within the next two years.

In addition to focusing on our own strength and growth as a company, Woodlands is intent on sharing our strength with the local community and the individuals we work with. Our Strivers lease option program, for example, is designed to help those who have fallen on difficult times get back on their feet through homeownership and financial education.

Woodlands draws the best real estate talent into its business activities and appeals to those who strive for a high standard of excellence in all aspects of their work. These talented individuals value honesty; they have a sense of abundance in finding solutions and opportunities; they are open to new ways of doing things; and they are thoughtfully detailed in the timely service they provide.

Woodlands continually innovates to improve their systems and the speed at which real estate transactions are accurately performed. The principle of giving more than what is typically expected sets Woodlands apart from all of its competitors.