Woodlands welcomes investors looking to earn a strong interest rate with the principle secured by real estate value.


Enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate without the time and potential headaches of trying to managing property yourself.

Woodlands gives you, the investor, an opportunity to earn 8% interest on a loan secured by the value of the specific property you choose to invest in. The investment period is typically between three to six months but more long range investments are available.

Avoid the unpredictable nature of the stock market while enjoying a steady return on your investment at a great rate!

Our propriety system for purchasing and selling homes focuses on obtaining properties that will sell in the price range with the largest number of home buyers. The volume of properties we are able to buy and sell using this method give our investors a variety of choices when it comes to a property to invest in.


Why earn less than 1% in a savings or CD account when you can earn 8% with the security of having a first lien on the property you are investing in?

Woodlands has a proven track record working with investors. References are available to serious investors.

Its a simple process to learn more and get started. Click on the “Get Started” link to complete a quick form or call Richard at 540-225-1984 and we’ll be in contact shortly.